Welcome to FLO!

FLO is a grassroots workspace built by community entrepreneurs for community entrepreneurs.

Who are community entrepreneurs? People that are doing work that is advancing the public good. Crazy folks that approach whatever they do with a collaborative lens. Community entrepreneurs are into sharing. Sharing their time. Share their skills.
And of course, sharing their space.

At FLO we are pushing people to add an additional layer of awareness to their professional life. At FLO, in addition to advancing their respective professional goals, our members are constantly looking to share with and strengthen those around them.

For that reason we designed a physical space that facilitates these sorts of interactions.

And through an intentional member-selection process, we ensure that the right people are in the room: colorful community entrepreneurs always looking to create new connections while also knowing how to maintain a respectful and productive work environment.

Here are some ways to get involved - just remember, we are an intentional community and space is limited and through application only.

For any questions, feel free to contact us Hello@flotlv.co

Plans & Pricing